A Roseland Heights neighborhood watch sign...

Years ago when I started this blog, I was keen on making signs like the one above more or less as a marketing tool although that plan never got off the ground. The idea was to produce signs that could be displayed in the front window of a home or business.

Thankfully some of our neighborhood associations already produce such signs as the one above that were handed out at a recent Roseland Heights neighborhood meeting. The scan above and below this paragraph were of the signs handed out at the recent meeting from this past Tuesday.
The scans you see below Roseland Heights residents may have found on their porches, screen doors or perhaps mail boxes on a Wednesday morning. The Roseland Heights neighborhood watch signs were produced by West Chesterfield Community Association President Michael LaFargue. Provided with these signs were a legal-sized paper flyer that highlighted many of the accomplishments of Mr. LaFargue in real estate and as a community activist.

I wonder if this is a concerted effort between Roseland Heights and Mr. LaFargue or both were done independently. So this means there are questions and perhaps there are some answers.

BTW, the scans of both signs have been uploaded to my scribd account. The Roseland Heights version and the Michael LaFargue version. Both versions are printable especially with photo paper available from either Walmart or Target.


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