DNA Info: During Ramadan, Muslim Group Promotes Healthy Food at Corner Stores

A Lot to Save Foods @ 1207 W. 63rd St. - Tanveer Ali/DNA Info
This article mentions the Whole Foods Market coming to Englewood in two years, but there is a group who isn't waiting to provide healthy foods to the neighborhood:
During the month of Ramadan, which ends July 28, when most Muslims must not eat or drink while the sun is up, the Inner-City Muslim Action Network is handing out mixed fruit smoothies in front of two Muslim-owned corner stores to anyone walking by.

The hope is once residents have smoothies in hand during the group's Refresh the 'Hood initiative, they would be willing to talk, listen and fill out surveys about food shopping habits and options.

"They only shop at these stores by default," said Shamar Hemphill, a Hyde Park resident who serves as the network's director of youth and organization. "It's the only place here they can buy groceries. We need to work to make these businesses better."

Hemphill joined about a dozen people from the network as they talked to Englewood residents outside of A Lot to Save at 1207 W. 63rd St. last week.

The effort is part of the organization's Muslim Run initiative, which started in 2007 and targets everyone, not just Muslims. That initiative aimed to support businesses by improving the food they sell. Instead of just selling things like Cheetos, pork rinds and pop, the stores make it a point to sell produce, some of which is locally grown.
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