Simeon ??? High School

It has been known as Simeon Vocational and is currently Simeon Career Academy, but what will the future hold. This past week the Chicago Public Schools announced the discontinuance of the electrical and automotive programs . Previously, they discontinued the cosmetology, graphics and machine programs. 

So since the school is no longer focusing on vocational training what is the focus? Better yet, what is the future. Is this the first phase of "reengineering" the school into a "selective enrollment" school, STEM??? Academy, or turning it over to a charter school operator? 

While the cosmetology program crashed and burned, the school made great strides improving their image and education offerings. Simeon was rebuilt in the 90's for $35 million which is approximately what CPS has spent on the additional for Jones and approximately half of which they spent on Payton. 

Let's keep our eyes on this.


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