Irony on 79th

This photo shows the irony of the original sign, as a new business takes over.

First we see "promises fulfilled" which belonged to SCCS  (South Central Community Services). They ran a great after school program in that spot. The facility included a smart board among other amenities. The children also came out to Ruggles playground many afternoons. Their presence helped keep the park safe while they were there.

But unfortunately, this was a state run program, so when state funding ran out, the facility was closed.

SCCS actually had two buildings, which were interconnected.

The west building has become a training facility for Jackson Hewitt, but not widely advertised as such. In fact, the "private" sign from the Howling Moon "social club" (a previous "business" that seemed to be an underground bar) is still on the door.

Then we have the sign for the Dollhouse Boutique, which is advertising intimate wear, and the photos suggest an objectification of women. Definitely not the kind of business that will get a lot of community support, and certainly not impact Ruggles playground anymore.

This is sad, and just makes the SCCS sign seems ironic.


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