So Jahmal Cole runs into Jim Oberweis at Abbott Park the other day

[VIDEO] Jahmal Cole - the driving force behind My Block My Hood My City - has been touring the city's public parks for the last 11 weeks. Recently he arrived at Abbott Park near 95th/State. Mainly in his espiodes he plays basketball or engages in some sort of sport (such as soccer or bike polo) at various parks and at Abbott it was certainly basketball.

You never know who is truly walking around in the community. On this day Cole had a chance to speak with Republican US Senate nominee Jim Oberweis - also a current state Senator - who discusses his ideas on school reform. So a US Senate candidate comes to Abbott Park to talk education policy and probably to campaign.

If Cole continues his series who else could he run into. It's still election season up until November at least. Could he run into current US Sen. Dick Durbin or Gov. Pat Quinn or Bruce Rauner?

Unfortunately, Abbott Park was the 11th park in this series so where else will Cole venture to next. All the same you should buy yourself one of his T-shirts and other products available from his store. At least a t-shirt based on the one above.


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