So what's going on over there in Ward 17???

Ward 17 Chicago
In an article from the Sun-Times where we learned that a member of the Daley family - Patrick Daley Thompson - is interested in running for Alderman of the 11th ward, I also learned that a nearby Alderman is unsure if she will run for re-election. That came up because in order for Mr. Thompson to run for Alderman that means incumbent Ald. Ed Balcer has to retire himself and he now had to answer - as he does in this article - whether or not the Daley family simply pushed him out.

Now in relation to this, we learned that Ald. Balcer wasn't the only one who's expected to retire and therefore not run for re-election next year. And then at the end of the article I discover that Ald. Latasha Thomas of the 17th Ward is unsure what her future plans will be.

Since she discussed this with the Sun-Times, I decided to find that article and it was earlier this month that she discussed her plans. A former aide plans to run for Alderman of the 17th and the man who challenged her in 2011 and forced a run-off back then seems to be in full campaign mode. As a matter of fact you may find him in the FB group Chicago's Chatham Connection.

In that article she denies that the decision by Father Michael Pfleger to endorse her former aide factored in whether or not she wants to run again.


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