The "non-Magnificent Mile"

[VIDEO] Close to three years, YoChicago shared this video by Partee Wesley doing a drive along south Michigan Avenue - this thoroughfare he refers to as the "great Michigan" or the "non-Magnificient Mile" - between 120th and 110th Streets in the Roseland area.

In spite of this bleakness, Partee's comments makes this video hilarious. We see vacant lots and abandoned buildings along this street and with a detour along Edbrooke near 110th St. And he makes reference to why the 2016 Summer Olympics didn't come to town. At that point the memory of that disappointment was still quite fresh!

Now, I post this video in relation to the 2015 election. It's easy for me to compare Roseland to Englewood. Both communities after significant "white flight" had experienced some declines over the years. The difference however is that Englewood's business district was largely decimated thanks to urban renewal efforts in the past, but the Roseland business district is still in tact but certainly could use a greater investment.

It seems the main development has occurred east in the Pullman neighborhood in recent years with House of Hope and the Pullman Park shopping center that contains Walmart, Ross, and a Planet Fitness. Earlier this summer there was a groundbreaking for the new Pullman Athletic Center. Also a Method Products factory is being built behind the shopping center

This part of the city is another area in need of investment.


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