What would you like to see at the former Best Buy store on 87th Street?

8900 S. Lafayette Ave.
Count me in as one of many people who were disappointed that our local Best Buy store closed a few years ago. Currently that storefront remains empty and only recent has someone emerged to secure the space.

Now we get into a subject that we often get into on this blog. What types of businesses does this community want to open up?

The pic above was posted both to the Concerned Citizens of Chatham and The Sixth Ward FB pages during the past month. The idea of a beauty supplies store coming to the former Best Buy facility wasn't met with a lot of excitement.

In addition we see more comments from the community and other stakeholders from this DNA Info article.

The history of this site is that before Best Buy set up shop here it was formerly occupied by a Toys R Us store. What other retail options would work for this location which is located in a shopping center that includes a Burlington Coat Factory and of course a Jewel/Osco?

What would you prefer to be located at the former Best Buy store?


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