If you haven't already, check out our 2015 page...

We do have one more election to go through before the municipal elections in February 2015. We have the gubernatorial elections which is only a month away.

With this in mind Tuesday, October 7 will be the last day to register for the elections next month. We hope to share some more information regarding voting in the general election later today. That will include early voting and "grace period" voting in case you weren't able to register by Tuesday.

In the meanwhile, we will continue to track who will run for alderman in the three wards we hope to cover. For the 2015 elections we plan to cover wards 6, 9, and 21 thanks to the remap enacted in 2012.

If you haven't done so already please refer to our 2015 page. We have listed those candidates who have declared their candidacies for Alderman of their respective wards. We did have to strike two candidates because they've withdrawn from the race.

Regardless through any future withdrawals or even petition challenges we hope to continue to track who will be on the ballot in the wards we hope to cover next February.

BTW, if you know of anyone who is running for Alderman of wards 6, 9, & 21 feel free to send an e-mail (which is located at the top of the sidebar) and of course feel free to alert us on our FB and Twitter pages.


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