CurbedChicago: Will the Englewood Whole Foods Change the Neighborhood?

Future site of Whole Foods 63rd/Halsted via Curbed Chicago
And would you be surprised that Curbed tagged their thoughts on the future Whole Foods Market Englewood under "gentrification watch". It shouldn't be that big of a surprise! Here's one takeaway though:
In an extensive piece about the development in the Washington Post, reporter Emily Badger breaks down how the company is banking on the restorative nature of the store, and how it might restore a region that once held serious economic clout. While today's numbers aren't rosy — a third of the households live below the poverty line, 25 percent of adults are unemployed, crime rates are among the city's highest — the company can point to a somewhat similar success in Midtown Detroit a few years ago. The chain, which is busy in other Chicago neighborhoods, needs to find ways to work in a variety of neighborhoods to meet their expansion targets, and with proper outreach, it may be an important catalyst.
I blogged about the Washington Post piece about the future Englewood store on Monday.

I also want to remind you about last year's post about the "dreaded G word".

As always feel free to let us know what you think about this future development.


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