DNA Info: Wanna Rent a Place by the 'L'? Here's What it Will Cost You

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I posted this article to our FB page this week. It shows the average rent near any CTA rail line. You see how much average rent is in Englewood, Chatham, or even Roseland if you look at the map provided by this website RadPad.
RadPad, a Los Angeles-based apartment rental company, studied 18,000 listings of one-bedroom apartments within a half-mile of 36 "L" stops.  "We appeal mostly to students and young people in their 20s," said CEO Jonathan Eppers, who noted that many people in that group don't have cars. "If I moved there [to Chicago], I probably am not going with a car."
Most of the expensive one-bed apartments are downtown the least expensive are...
On the other end of the price scale, there are bargains in the northern and southern reaches of the city. The median listing in Roseland, within a half-mile of the 95th/Dan Ryan Red Line station was $712 per month. Near Lincoln Square's Western Avenue station, the median listing was $933 per month. The infographic focuses on stops that had enough listings between July and September to analyze, Eppers said.
You can further read RadPad's blog for more information on the above infographic.


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