Petition filing period has concluded

Now that petition filing has concluded we have updated our 2015 page with those candidates who have filed for the alderman races in wards 6, 9, & 21. There are some new names on this page that we didn't previously put on the page. Some names since they apparently didn't file any petitions have been struck and will be deleted in the future.

BTW, next month the period for petition objections begins. Depending upon the success of these objections that will further whittle away those candidates who we have listed to run in the 2015 election.

We also have an article of interest for you from the Tribune. Most of the media's interest appears to be on the race for Mayor.

We hope to maintain our interest in the Alderman races in the three local wards that we're currently covering.

Here is an updated candidate list for the offices up for election next year Mayor, Clerk, Treasurer, and for all 50 aldermen. In addition here is a board of election page regard the expected events leading up to February's election.


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