Time to consider the 2015 elections...

We got through one set of elections last week which saw the election of a new Governor in Republican Bruce Rauner. Now it's time to look at the municipal elections next February.

As you know this blog will cover the races for wards 6, 9, and 21. Next week hopefully we will know who turned in petitions and who will successfully whether challengers to petition signatures. Of course this process may drag on until at least the holidays.

Furthermore we may well consider the mayor's race. Now that Karen Lewis of the Chicago's Teacher's Union isn't running there are others who are lining up against current Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Also Kurt Summers has been appointed to take over for the departing city treasurer Stephanie Neely - who is leaving for a position in the private sector - starting December 1, 2014.

All the same for any updates from the three wards we will cover for next year's municipal election refer to our 2015 page for further updates. As we get closer to the election we will provide further updates.


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