Capitol Fax: Plenty of blame to go around on minimum wage

Rich Miller's syndicated column posted to his blog this morning was regarding the push for a minimum wage hike in the state. Of course as well as know last week the Chicago City Council passed a minimum wage hike of their own and will be signed into law by Mayor Emanuel.

That being said locally 6th Ward Alderman Sawyer had been in favor of a hike and put out a statement in support of the minimum wage ordinance after its approval. He had also been out with the Fight for 15 crowd in support of a hike.

Regardless now that the city has supported a hike of their own and the state hasn't been able to pass one of their own what are you thoughts on this?

Do you think it will hurt small businesses? Do you think this will help out those low-wage employees at many of these corporate service-industry establishments? Do you think our young people who need work experience would be adversely impacted by this hike?


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