How does one get to become neighborhood of the year?

I saw this post on Uptown Update regarding Curbed Chicago's Neighborhood Cup. The north side Uptown neighborhood is in the running for the honor of the best neighborhood in Chicago. Basically it's determined by the feedback of Curbed Chicago's readership.

Now they've had this tourney for many years now and I've always wondered what are the nominations based on. Not only that what does it take to get some of the neighborhoods on the south side in the running.

I've always figured Chatham or Park Manor should be on that list. Not only that Pullman should be on the list as in recent years they've started to get some action as far as new retail in Walmart but also interest in turning that area into a national park.

So readers how can we get some of our neighborhoods onto that list? Feel free to talk about the neighborhood where you live and why it should get the recognition of being one of Chicago's best neighborhoods.


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