6th Ward Townhall Meeting on Nuway Methadone Clinic

On Saturday, January 24, 2015 Alderman Roderick Sawyer will host a townhall meeting on the subject of Nuway Community Services Methadone Clinic located at 110 E 79th Street. The clinic and their clients have been the subject of numerous complaints by nearby businesses, schools  and residents for loitering, trespassing and other criminal activities. 

The clinic has agreed to send a representative to the meeting to state who they are and what they do and hear concerns.  The purpose of the meeting is to find solutions that allow the clinic to operate transparently in the community and not be a nuisance. 

Below is the notice that was mailed to residents between 75-83rd State to King Drive. Also, residents who are unable to attend are encouraged to email, call or visit the 6th ward service office to offer their input.

Meeting Information:
January 24, 2015
Greater Institutional Church
7800 S Indiana
11:00 am

Email: Service@6thwardchicago.com


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