I love Chatham t-shirts

Recently we were sent this e-mail about the t-shirt you see above being available for sale. T-shirts that celebrate the Chatham community.
  • Hello everyone. 

    On behalf of the Benjamin "Benji" Wilson alive 25 501c3 charitable organization we have available I love Chatham custom t-shirts.the portion of the shirt that says Chatham was inspired by the pride cleaners sign on 79th St Lawrence. to anyone from our community this sign has been a symbol of pride spanning several generations. 

    Many of our children might not know what the borders of out neighborhood looks like so I was inspired to put Our Map ON THE MAP. The back is simply the Chicago flag with a portion of the Chicago skyline. The inspiration of this design comes from the love and pride that we all share for one another from Chatham. 

    Anyone interested in purchasing shirts may contact me Benjamin Glenn on Facebook or email benjamincglenn @ gmail.com or Curtis Glenn at (773) 966 4197. Thank you


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