Mailer in the race for 9th ward Alderman

Received this mailer for 9th ward Alderman Anthony Beale recently. It touts his accomplishments and his future goals for the ward. There are pictures of himself during a groundbreaking for an athletic center and the opening of a new store. He mentions new grocery stores, however, Harold "Noonie" Ward has been hitting him on that fact. Although Walmart does sell groceries even if it's not considered a grocery store.

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Also this was recently recieved in the mail however Aldertrack noted this mailer from Beale's challenger Harold "Noonie" Ward. It resembles a speeding ticket and attempts to attach Ald. Beale to the controvery involving those red light cameras in the city. Other than the lack of grocery stores in the 9th, this is another issue Ward has hit the incumbent Alderman on.


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