Russ Stewart: Emanuel to the rescue in wards on South Side

Been a while since we've heard from Russ Stewart here on this blog. He analyzes the races for Alderman in the south side wards and says the Mayor is going to send resources to his favored candidates. So this is what he says for the races we're looking at in the coming election.
6th Ward (Chatham, Park Manor): This is the Jefferson Park of the South Side, filled with lots of middle class homes and home owners. Sawyer ousted pro-Daley Fredrenna Lyle (now a judge) in 2011 by 104 votes, and he faces four male opponents in 2015. Emanuel will fund Richard Wooten, but Sawyer will win.
9th Ward (Far South Side): After losing a 2013 bid for Jesse Jackson’s congressional seat, incumbent Anthony Beale’s stature nosedived. He faces seven opponents, the most credible being Michael LaFargue. It will be Rahm to the rescue in a Beale-LaFargue runoff.
21st Ward (Washington Heights): Three-termer Howard Brookins is chairman of the council’s Black Caucus, and he is generally supportive of the mayor. He faces seven opponents, so a runoff is certain. The ward runs from the Ryan west to the Penn Central tracks, between 79th Street and 99th Street. Brookins was embarrassed in 2008 when he lost the primary for state’s attorney, and again in 2012 when his chief of staff got caught in an FBI sting. The aide took a bribe to facilitate a liquor license, and pleaded guilty in December. Brookins was not implicated. A onetime Brookins ally, insurance agent Joe Ziegler, formerly of the 18th Ward, likely will meet Brookins in the runoff. Brookins will need Emanuel’s money to prevail.


  1. Rahm Emanuel's camp said it has no plans to give any money to Richard Wooten, so not sure where this Russ Stewart fella came to that conclusion without speaking to the mayor's people first.

  2. Why would the mayor give money to someone like Richard Wooten when he has already said that he supports Willie Wilson for mayor?

  3. It is a well known fact that Mayor Rahm Emanuel does not like Roderick sawyer (and for good reason) but I also know he would not be welcomed by Richard Wooten because he is a police officer and the mayor screwed police officers out of a fair contract last year. Rahm may be better off giving money to Brian Garner, who is also running for 6th ward alderman. But then again Garner is on the city's DO NOT HIRE list! He can never work for the city again and for that to be true he must have did some pretty bad stuff when he worked as a ward superintendent in the 6th ward. And let me add that I would have used my name for this account but I do not have a google email or any of the other accounts this site uses to verify a person. Perhaps the Sixth Ward may want to switch to a simple format like using your email. With that said

    1. Mr. Garner was last employed as the streets and sanitation supervisor for the 7th ward.

    2. I would also like to add that while anonymous comments are allowed we also included instructions on giving yourself an alias in our moderating policy. If you want to call yourself by your email address you're free to do so.

  4. I tried calling and emailing this Russ Stewart guy with the contact information on his page but have yet to get a response back. I guess he knows what he said about the mayor giving money to Richard Wooten is a big face lie.

    But what I can't figure out is why the Sixth Ward would publish information it received from another website without first verifying the information. This is a good way to get sued by slandering someone because you carelessly published information from a third party without checking your facts.

  5. I agree with all the comments that were made before mines about the mayor supposedly giving money to Richard Wooten, an associate pastor in Englewood and 21-year Chicago police officer, who I hope wins next month as alderman of the 6th ward. And I hope he does it without money from the mayor or any other elected official who has shown nothing but disrespect to the black community. Richard Wooten is too good to accept money from Rahm. Now if Willie Wilson wants to give Wooten some money for his aldermanic race, I am all for that.

  6. There are three candidates running for alderman of the 6ht ward. Richard Wooten, Roderick Sawyer and Brian Garner. But only one of them has been a community stakeholder in Chatham for years, has public safety experience and is God fearing and that's Richard Wooten. He is the best chance the 6th ward has especially those of us living in Englewood of reviving the area and bring it back to the glory days. My money is on Richard Wooten to win and win big. Go Team Wooten.

  7. Roderick Sawyer is the poster child for buyers remorse. The residents did themselves a disservice four years ago, and look at what we now have.
    Anyone that would associate with a domestic violence abuser like David Moore in Ward 17 has a serious lack of judgement.


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