2015 election video on demand #Aldertrack

Both Ald. Roderick Sawyer and his opponent Richard Wooten were interviewed by Mike Fourcher of Aldertrack in an ongoing series. First, Fourcher was on Beyond the Beltway radio show on Sunday to talk about the 6th ward race and you can see his appearance below. You will see clips from both interviews of Sawyer and Wooten in the Beyond the Beltway video.
[VIDEO] Especially noted was the composition of the 6th ward after the 2012 remap and how many 6th warders weren't happy with that. Noted how much more diverse the ward is as now it takes on more of Englewood than it had in the past. Fourcher refers to Englewood as disadvantaged and depressed while Chatham is considered conservative and middle-class.

Now to the Aldertrack interivews of Ald. Sawyer and Wooten

[VIDEO] Noted in this interview is the issue of a methadone clinic that has attracted controversy in the Chatham community. Noted that there is some confusion between the treatments for recovering drug addicts - i.e. to take liquid medication - and the usage of syringes. Also he also reiterated the need for commerce around the 6 ward's L stations which is what he did not long after he had been first elected alderman in 2011.

[VIDEO] Wooten believes the current Alderman is absent and he wants to see further economic development in the 6th Ward. He believes development in the 6th is at a level similar to the 1970s.
[VIDEO] Meanwhile in the 9th ward candidate Michael LaFargue in an almost 15 minute video describing his background and his vision of the 9th ward. Even featuring other community activists and local business owners. And speak of the devil Mr. Eddie Davis of Bass Furniture - 11431 South Michigan Avenue -  speaks of that former shopping mall at 115th & Michigan which he after its demolition has hurt business in the area.

Anything said in any of these vids sway your vote in the 6th & 9th wards?


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