5 Loaves restaurant has electrical box stolen

5 Loaves Eatery, located at 405 E 75th St, Chicago IL 60619, just reported that their electrical box has been stolen (along with Harold's Chicken), and business

Here's what they posted on Facebook:

Attention 5 Loaves family, we are sorry to inform you that our electrical housing was stolen overnight. This is the second time this has happened.

I pity these neighborhood terrorist that perform crimes on people and businesses, that are trying to make a living and provide for their families, by taking instead of working for what they want.

We are asking for your prayers for not only our business; but also Harolds that is next door to us.

It took over two and a half months ,last time this happened to reopen. We are praying that God allows us to come back stronger and better.

God bless

We wish them the best, and will keep you informed on how to help. Their website is http://www.5loaveschicago.com/ and their phone number is 773.891.2889

we will keep you updated on any progress.
On a personal note (from JP): I am sorry I haven't had the opportunity to visit yet. I do not want to see any further businesses close, especially nice sit-down restaurants.  we need these businesses to thrive if we want to see a positive tunraround.


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