Mayor Emanuel mailer

Over the weekend you may have gotten this in additon to several mailers from Rahm Emanuel's campaign. This is of most interest because of Emanuel's role in the shutdown of CTA's Dan Ryan branch of the Red Line in 2013. You may have also seen a TV ad about this highlighting how he made sure minority contractors worked on the rebuilding of that branch.

Unfortunately these are the only mailers I have received from any of the candidates for mayor and there is a decent number of challengers to Mayor Emanuel this year. Including perennial candidate Dock Walls, Willie Wilson, Bob Fioretti, and Chuy Garcia. I also wanted to note this article from the Reader about the mayor never leveling with the public on his decision to close mental health clinics around the city.

Finally here's that red line ad from the mayor's campaign actually I never realized he did two of them. This is the one I found on YouTube [VIDEO]
So has anything said my any mayoral candidates including the current Mayor that could sway your vote on Tuesday?


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