#mbmhmc: The "Six-Trey" Englewood

[VIDEO] In this week's episode Jahmal Cole visits Englewood. There is one mention of neighborhoods and the idea that most in that neighborhood are unlikely to spend money in the coming Whole Foods Market at 63rd/Halsted. Also the knowledge that most will continue to shop at the neighborhood convenience stores.

Also a discussion about who owns the stores in the neighborhood and how they get over on those in the community. If you read Cole's writeup, he spoke to one young man who is paid only $25 for a full day's work moving furniture.

He did pay a visit to Englewood Votes candidate's forum that was held last weekend. We see a pic of him with 20th ward Alderman Willie Cochran who Cole says got the best of his competition. We also look at Kusanya Cafe as well.


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