The mayoral run-off...

During the course of last month's campaign I hardly paid attention to the mayoral race. It was an afterthought as far as following the three wards that we attempted to cover in this cycle.

Now there is a runoff in the 21st with Alderman Brookins facing Marvin McNeil and then there's the mayor's race. For the first time in Chicago's history - or more accurately since we went to a non-partisan runoff election starting in 1999 - a sitting mayor faces a runoff. Well we sort of acknowledged that fact a while ago.

Regardless, Mayor Rahm Emanuel is facing off against Cook County Commissioner Chuy Garcia. While I might've expected Emanuel to still remain mayor we already knew that many in Chicago weren't happy with the mayor. Lately they've cited red light cameras which the Mayor has decided to shut down a few around the city recently.

Another issue that has come up is the closure of the schools in 2013. That still proves to be controversial to this day even if the reasoning may have been correct. Should schools that were underutilized remain open? Another problem with closing these schools is that now we have another vacant building in these mostly Black and Latino communities and we got to figure out what to do with them.

Regardless Emanuel is in an unenviable position now he has to convince Chicago to give him a second chance. Chuy scored an endorsement in another mayoral challenger from last month in Willie Wilson.

So now that Emanuel even after having a distinct advantage as far as fundraising wasn't able to finish this campaign last month could he prevail in early April? Can Mr. Garcia be Chicago's first Latino mayor?

A lot of people like to whine and complain and fail to hit the ballot box. The Sun-Times has some information as far as voter registration. I regret I never posted this information before because now the time to register is over, however, there is still grace period voting. With grace period voting, you would have to vote the same day you register.


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