City council turnover...

DNA Info takes a look at the runoff elections in the city council wards. There was some turnover between February and this past Tuesday. On the South Side, 7th Ward now has a new Alderman in addition to the 18th and 16th wards. In both the 7th & 18th the incumbents had been defeated on Tuesday.

Hopefully with new Alderman on the city council the potential to add more members to the city council's progressive caucus. And certainly while you may have seen the newly re-elected Mayor faced some cold reception at 95th Street Wednesday morning I wonder if he'll face a more independent city council

Then again we've heard about a more independent city council in 2007 and 2011 and it didn't seem to happen. Perhaps we might see that more this year or perhaps there could be more of the same when the dust finally settles and the new Alderman get settled into their new roles.


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