Inside an untouched apartment building in Wicker Park
Piper Robbins ig
I can only imagine what's in some of the buildings of our community that have been boarded up and abandoned. And hopefully instead of demolishing them we can build them up as places to not only live, but to do business as well. Check out this building out of Wicker Park:
The manager of a vintage-inspired camera shop on Milwaukee Avenue that's located at the base of an apartment building untouched since the 1970s got a peek into the structure's history on Thursday.

The apartments have mustard green and white doors, with wallpaper adorned with roses, according to images posted to Piper Robbins' Instagram.

"It feels almost like someone was getting ready to go to work one day, but never came back home," said Piper Robbins, owner of the Emulsion Gallery and Lomography Embassy Store, 1422 N. Milwaukee Ave.

The 1890s-era building was sold for $4.2 million in March to Cedar Street Co., which has converted several distressed Uptown and Far North Side vintage buildings into residential dwellings

Cedar Street co-owner Jay Michael previously said he plans to reopen the apartments, mostly renovated into one-bedroom convertibles between 400 and 600 square feet, next spring.
There are more pics also over at the DNA Info article.


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