WBEZ: Thousands try for role in #Chiraq

Chiraq is know more for it's controversial title at this point however there were a number of people who attended an open call to be an extra in this production:
More than 2,500 people had gone through the audition process by about 2 p.m., standing for pictures and leaving their contact information.

“I knew there’d be a lot,” said Rev. Michael Pfleger, the pastor at St. Sabina. “But I didn’t know there’d be this many.”

Pfleger said by the end of the day, he expected to see more than 4,000 people.

The casting call had asked for people of all ethnicities from age 7 to 75.

“Grandmas and gang members, all the same, in line,” Pfleger said.

“It’s been great. It’s been a very powerful, very positive thing here at 78th and Racine. I mean, when’s the last time we ever heard a casting call for a movie being held in the
heart of the black community?”
Yeah, there just had to be a quote of Father Pfleger in there and he has little problem with the film title unlike some Aldermen and the Mayor: “I think Spike is a good brother, I think he’s a conscientious brother, and I think people that are here say they want to be connected with Spike Lee.”

Did you attend this open call? Are you hoping to be in this film and be connected with Spike Lee?


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