DNA Info: Englewood Whole Foods Is Already Hiring, A Year Before Opening

If you're looking Whole Foods Market has some positions to fill at the future Englewood store.
Nearly a year before it plans to open, the Englewood Whole Foods Market is already hiring.

The national retailer, which plans to open the 18,000-square-foot store by next summer, is looking to fill a community nutrition educator position, which would start on Oct. 1. Keith Stewart, executive marketing coordinator for the chain’s Midwest region said that the job posting is already online, but it closes July 31.

The full-time position will require the employee to be responsible for organizing, promoting and facilitating various nutrition outreach and education events. More information can be found online.

A second position, which will be posted next week, is a community liaison. The requirements are simple, Stewart said: “They need to have a passion for the Englewood community,” he said. “They need to understand the community and know how to bring people together, but passion is No. 1.”

There will be about 100 available jobs for the Englewood store and Stewart said there will be job fairs and open hiring calls to ensure they're getting people from the community.


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