REMINDER: "The Sensei" event w/ Diana Lee Inosanto

Last Saturday, I erroneously typed that the event was to take place on Wednesday. It was a mistake this event is to take place this weekend on this coming Saturday. I apologize for the error and had re-edited that post.

This post is regarding more publicity for The Sensei to be screened at the Logan Theater @ 2646 N Milwaukee. You may purchase tickets in advance via the official website for the Flix of Fury Martial Arts film club. As stated Sensei is an anti-bullying film.

The screening will further include martial artist and Sensei star Diana Lee Inosanto who can be seen during a reception and a Q & A at the Logan. She was interviewed for the Chicago Now blog Six Brown Chicks. Inosanto talks about future projects, career in Hollywood, her uncle martial artist and actor Bruce Lee, and of course the bullying theme of Sensei.


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