Bobby Rush might step down as US Rep for the 1st district

U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush

U.S. Representative for the 1st District (the US Rep for most of our readers) Bobby Rush might not run again , according to an article from Sun-Times gossip columnist Michael Sneed.

Rush and his wife have had health issues over the years, and some of his financial dealings have been scrutinized.

In addition to being a husband of a wife with health issues, the  68-year-old is also Pastor of Beloved Community Christian Church in Englewood.

Sneed reports that Brookins is circulating petitions to run for the office.

If Brookins does run, Sneed noted the scrutiny he will be under:

Ald. Howard Brookins Jr.
Earlier this year, a federal judge sentenced Curtis V. Thompson Jr., Brookins’ former chief of staff, to 15 months in prison for taking a $7,500 cash bribe at a 2013 Christmas party . . . and there were whispers of a wire being used.

Are there any other candidates we can look forward to? (Whether this race, or any other in the upcoming spring Democratic primary)?

Opinion from JP  (which we encourage discussion on):

I hope we don't have a Jesse Jackson Jr. situation again, where Rush still runs, and gets elected, but then resigns for "health reasons." We then get essentially an unelected representative (since in the general election 90% of our district won't vote for anyone but a Democrat -- not even a Green Party member!)

That would not be fair to the electorate, and shows why the Democratic establishment isn't any better than Republicans who do similar stunts in other states.

By the way, has anyone seen Rep. Rush in a public meeting or event in the past few years?


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