Pray for Chatham today - #PrayChicago

This is a follow-up to a previous post about an effort to pray for all 77 of Chicago's community areas. Today is Chatham's turn.

We posted  Chatham's prayer requests, and had some interesting feedback on our Facebook page.

What are your thoughts? Are the requests accurate? What would you ask Chicago to pray for in Chatham?

Here's what PrayChicago posted:

Pray for the ‪#‎Chatham‬ community on ‪#‎Chicago‬'s South side. ‪#‎WestChesterfield‬

Here are some ways you can pray:

- New residents are moving into the area due to the closings of housing projects in other parts of the city. Pray that these new residents and for great respect and care for neighbors and the neighborhood.

- Pray for the elderly residents of Chatham, many of whom are widows and widowers. Pray that they may find community and would not feel overlooked in their later years.

- As the community is beginning to experience socioeconomic transition, pray that class struggles would not cause division among the residents.

- Pray for the followers of Jesus and the churches in this region, that the would be a light to this community! ‪#‎Pray77‬ ‪#‎PrayChicago

And what JP Paulus posted:

PrayChicago is focusing on ‪#‎Chatham‬ Today (including ‪#‎WestChesterfield‬, ‪#‎Chesterfield‬, ‪#‎WestChatham‬ ‪#‎EastChaham‬ ) . I ( JP Paulus) also asked them to include this:
Would you mind re-issuing this later in the day, but also add these requests (feel free to tag/mention me as a Chatham resident if you'd like.):

Pray for unity among the churches. & community groups There are over 100 churches within 1 mile of 79th Street & King Drive. Pray that not just pastors, but members work with each other to complement, rather than compete, in their efforts. Secular community groups (as well as several churches) have undergone dramatic leadership transition in the past few years.

Pray for economic development. Several longtime, as well as new businesses have failed over the past few years, leaving very few businesses for residents to frequent.

Pray for youth: there are few opportunities for youth to grow, be mentored and to make a positive impact in their immediate community.

Pray for young leaders who grew up in the community to come back and take their place in leadership & community development.

#WestChatham (part of the community area, but separated by the Dan Ryan, so a little distinct)

What are YOUR thoughts?


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