Thursday, January 28, 2016

So whatever happened to that Blue White House in Chatham?

A Chicago magazine article from 5 years ago surfaced on FB discussing the blue White House replica in Chatham located at 8401 S. Michigan. The house had been for sale at prices approaching $1 million dollars.

I decided to find any photos on instagram for this house and found one from an instagrammer named marquisdefacade who took a more recent shot (3 weeks ago) of this residence that showed the doors boarded up. Then found information on this house and current status in which it was found that the house sold this month for $400,000.

So the people who helped to redevelop this house had to have taken a loss. It surely didn't take $400K just to rehab this home.

Either way glad to see that someone has bought the home now here's hoping they can give this unique residence the tender loving care that it deserves.


Wowza. This home is in Chicago's Chatham neighborhood. It was built in 1966, when Chatham had already changed from a respectable all white middle and upper class area to a desirable upper class black neighborhood. There is a (Chicago) article online from February 22, 2011 which goes into detail about the house. It sucks that this house is boarded up. The home contains 7,970 square feet. In September of 2010 the home was for sale for 1 million. Then in November of 2010 down to $899,000. I bet it eventually sells or is foreclosed upon. Hmm. I estimate it is eventually purchased for $200,000. Maybe the Obama's will move here after they leave the White House? It's definitely bigger than the present home they own in Chicago's Kenwood neighborhood. Boarded up like this is not going to help it in a Chicago Winter. #january032015 #chathamchicago #chicago #bluewhitehouse #architect #architekt #architecture #oldhouselove #archi_ologie #notthewhitehouse
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