Chatham one of the 10 worst Chicago neighborhoods?

Chatham community area
Other local communities such as Greater Grand Crossing & Englewood are noted, however, this is what was said about Chatham:
10. Chatham

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 32,100
Crime Index: 19th worst
Median Income: $35,393

Chatham is the final ‘worst’ Chicago neighborhood to make this list. Almost 14% of the people who live here don’t work, and homes go for less than $150,000 on average. Trust us, there’s a reason there’s no demand to live here.

Chatham is the hood between 79th and 93rd Street along 90/94.
I think the statement about no demand to live in Chatham is something I (not a Chatham resident) and many others who are from Chatham would take offense to.

Hat-tip Concerned Citizens of Chatham!


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