What do we do about the 50 Yard Line?

The 50 Yard Line is a lounge on 75th Street and it was in the news at the end of last month that a fatal shooting occurred there. It has started a community discussion which occurred at a recent Park Manor neighborhood meeting. Over at the Concerned Citizen's of Chatham FB page Worlee Glover writes a report on this meeting.

My two cents is that as a person who generally doesn't visit bars, it would be sad to see such an institution goes. My belief is that better a bar that's dedicated to protecting people either keeping them from getting into their vehicles and driving while intoxicated or keeping a patron from drinking too much be in a community. I also figure there are those elements who believe alcohol is bad regardless sees this as one more excuse to close down another lounge.

Fact is there aren't too many places in our communities where we could have a good time with friends or family. If not a lounge there aren't many sit down restaurants. I'm hoping that the 50 Yard Line owners and the community are able to get together in the hopes that we won't have many violent and deadly incidents such as this one recently.


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