Governor's race 2018

JB Pritzker has thrown his hat in the ring as far as next year's Democratic primary is concerned. He won't the only wealth candidate to run, it was in the news that Chris Kennedy - who formerly ran the Merchandise Mart & a member of the famous Kennedy political family - announced that he raised over a $1 million as he himself is running for Governor.

Pritzker who comes from a family that owned Hyatt hotels is far from the first person to enter this race. This is news for us because in a video shown on twitter he's meeting the electorate around the area especially at transit stops. For example you will see he made his way to 95/Dan Ryan to meet with commuters, it's an important stop for politicians apparently with all the traffic going in and out of the CTA terminal there.
With this said, the times we're living in Illinois is certainly an unhappy situation. Whoever runs and ultimately becomes the Democratic nominee for Governor will have to face a wealth first-term Republican governor. They also will have to answer any questions regarding the budget impasse and what they would do differently. Also from whatever damage from the impasse as a result they have to have an answer as to what they'll do to fix the damage.


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