Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Additional thoughts on a new Englewood high school

You know I didn't do coverage of a new high school in Englewood the justice it deserved this year. A recent post shared several stories talking about underutilized and low enrollment high schools. That in addition to the closure of four Englewood area high schools that will close for a new high school. So allow me to go back to June of this year with this article from the Sun-Times where CPS chooses Englewood for a new high school set to open in 2019.

Then earlier in the year I wrote this piece before the decision was made. A new high school could've also been placed in Chinatown or Roseland. In light of the other news involving the low enrollment of 17 other CPS high schools, I just wanted to share this post written in January on the "Shedd School" blog.

Basic gist of that post, a new high school better have something to offer that the other high schools in an area doesn't. I wasn't talking about selective enrollment or magnet programs exactly though certainly programs that would ideally attract those families with a child who will soon transfer to high school. So at this point I would like to share that post with you all.

A new high school coming to Roseland?

While this DNA Info article mostly concerns the possibility of a new high school in Englewood, it's noted that Chinatown and Roseland are also in the running for a new high school. A few considerations from the article worth noting.

To start location. Where is the land available for a new high school? Of course there are areas where it's possible to build a new school especially with foreclosed homes.

And then what schools would close. Speaking of Englewood, it's unclear if this means an elementary school would close or a high school. Although one candidate for closure would be Robeson High School which is noted for having their issues especially academically.

In the Roseland area there are already Corliss on east 103rd Street & Cottage Grove and then Julian directly west on 103rd & Vincennes. Also there is Fenger at 11220 S Wallace St and then there's Gwendolyn Brooks on 115th & King Drive. If any of those schools have to go which one might that be.

And then one more thing worth noting, what does this new school have to offer that the others don't already. Gwendolyn Brooks is a college prep academy. Harlan has a magnet engineering program and I can't speak for Julian, Corliss and Fenger. 

Whether or not we're talking Chinatown, Englewood or Roseland this school should offer programs of interest for the students. We can't just talk about another neighborhood high school to be built. If CPS is interested in building a new school in any area, what should be invested in it to make it worthwhile?

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