Saturday, January 13, 2018

Obama Presidential Center faces opposition in Chicago

[VIDEO] This segment aired Thursday on FOX News' The Ingraham Angle. Well let's recognize that FOX News has their own bias of course, we know this as the "right-wing" news network. We find out through them that Obama's new library won't have any books or documents - which is what a presidential library is made for. So I do wonder what that's about, hopefully there's more to that.

In this segment here Laura Ingraham hosts briefly Charles Birnbaum of The Cultural Landscape Foundation. They discuss the opposition of the proposed library in Jackson Park near Hyde Park. Even though Birnbaum is in Florida for his remote, he's part of the opposition of those Chicago residents who oppose the Obama library plan for that site.

And again I hope in that tower that Ingraham refers to as ugly will contain a replica of the Obama's Oval Office. It's not just for me especially if I get to walk around in it, it's for those young people who I hope will be inspired to make a run for the Presidency in their futures. Meanwhile let's figure out what to do with this library.

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