Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The remodeled SMG Chatham gets a thumbs up...

SMG Chatham 14
The launch of Chatham Center Chicago last Wednesday gave me the opportunity to check out the new SMG Chatham 14 on Wednesday. Didn't get a chance to catch a show there on this day, however, I was there for that program and saw a lot of changes to the lobby since before the many changes that were finally complete last spring.

The last time I came to watch a movie here was in 2014 for the Seth Rogen & Zac Efron comedy Neighbors. At that point there was still no bar in what used to be the lobby and things really look the some from since the theaters ownership under ICE Theatres.
Bar in lobby SMG Chatham

Then I see the changes to the concession stand, a kitchen where the video games used to be, of course the bar and seating in the lobby, a stage where the fabled & often closed Chatham Grill used to be, and also there were more games in the hallway towards the auditoriums those are gone now. Now the theater is truly a great place to come watch a movie.
Hallway to auditoriums

Think about it, for those amenities you can expect to get in downtown Chicago such as AMC Dine-in Block 37 or Kerasotes Theatres Showplace Icon one needs not go that far. Just come to 210 W. 87th Street and you can have those same downtown amenities. Not just the bar, food service in the auditorium during the movie, reserved seating, even purchasing advance tickets online.

Purchasing tickets online is especially key for when the next hot release from the Marvel Cinematic Universe Black Panther hits theaters around the country February 16, 2018.
BTW, I know that with this new Chatham Center moving forward SMG Chatham is poised to be one of the main businesses. And I promise to come here every once in a while to watch a movie. Or perhaps come in and try some of the menu offerings also.

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  1. Wow! That place looks awesome! You could actually hang out in that lobby for a while before the movie and it looks fun!


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