Thursday, March 22, 2018

75th/King Drive: What would you like to see here?

The today's post is to ask one simple question, "What would you like to see here?" The collage of 75th/King Drive was posted to our ig page and one comment by Worlee Glover stated simply that in 6 months this corner will look a lot different. We can consider the changes up to the point when I snapped these shots last Wednesday.

In 2014 we featured the corner shown in the lower right of the above collage. This was home to a store and offices of state Representative Andre Thapedi that fell victim to a fire. Once the ashes of the buildings were cleared finally now there's this vacant lot on this corner.

In the lower left another building was said to have fell victim to another fire. While I'm not a building inspector, the fact that it's still standing shows that it's potentially salvageable. It's a building looking for redevelopment in the near future and consider that next door to that building are two thriving businesses one of which - 5 Loaves Eatery - has gotten a lot of notice lately on local media.

In the upper right is a Dunkin Donuts/Baskin Robins store. The building was formerly a KFC and much more recently a JJ's fish. The choices of business to take up shop here has only reopened the worms of what types of business would we prefer in our communites. Better question as increasingly 75th seems to be a center of food businesses in our community, what types of restaurants would we prefer to frequent? What healthy foods would be like to eat in a local restaurant?

Here's the ig post of the above collage

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More pics from 75th Street will be published to the blog on Saturday morning.


  1. There will be the New Army and Lou’s, an expanded 5 Loaves eatery. The building on the southeast corner is scheduled to be rehabilitated and there is several eateries interested in the location. There are proposals out to give the northeast corner a totally different look

  2. Also, we complain about “healthy” options but there is never a line going out the door at soul vegetarian. There are no lines at KMT or Kudos health food stores. So why do we think bringing in a Native Foods is going to change anything


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