Monday, March 12, 2018

Jackson Park Highlands neighborhood expecting more notice with #Obama library

So as Leon's Barbecue gets notice with it's return in the Woodlawn neighborhood - and armed with knowlege that the Obama library will be coming soon to Jackson Park - another neighborhood south of Jackson Park begins to gain some notice. That neighborhood is Jackson Park Highlands. Which was seen in YoChicago's video back from 2010. [VIDEO]
Anyway with the accompanying tweet from Tribune Graphics that contains a map of Jackson Park Highlands and a link to the recent Tribune article by William Lee to how home sales are booming in the Highlands.
And one of the people quoted in this article and the video you will see when you click to the article is Ms. Alisa Starks who formerly owned the Chatham Theaters currently owned and operated by Studio Movie Grill:
[Alisa] Starks, a lifelong South Shore resident who moved into the Highlands as a new mom in 1997, is hoping to be part of the resurgence with plans to build an entertainment complex that includes a dine-in movie theater, restaurant and bowling alley on the site of the old ShoreBank branch on Jeffery Boulevard in May 2019.

But the businesswoman, who was part of the team that founded the former ICE movie theaters in Chatham and Lawndale, said some of her hardest work has come after she was drafted to chair a special business development task force within the homeowner’s association. She and other Highlands residents are trying to learn what type of businesses and services their neighbors want while challenging them to get actively involved.

Highlands residents are insulated not only from the violence of the outer community, they’re also unaffected by the lack of options many other South Shore residents face, Starks said. Most if not all Highlands residents drive and can travel to Hyde Park and other places for grocery shopping and dine-in restaurant service, while poorer residents must rely on public transportation.

Starks blamed much of the disconnect between the Highlands and the outer community on a lack of communication, involvement and shared purpose between Highlands residents and community organizations.

“We’re complaining (about the disconnect). We’re sitting here watching it happen. We’re letting it happen!” Starks said.
The article starts off with referring to this area as something of a secret not many people know it exists. Technically speaking it is within the South Shore community area. As you see from the map the enclave is roughly within the area of Stony Island to the west, 67th to the north, Jeffrey to the east and 71st to the south. If you believe this video by Victor Maggio, the rest of South Shore is a very violent community. Of course the crime is noted in the article and I'm sure many residents doesn't want the crime from outside the community to affect it.

If the Obama library brings in more tourist to this part of town this neighborhood is in luck as the Highlands is a city landmark district. Out of town tourists can come here and check out the nice homes.

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