Saturday, March 31, 2018

Reason: Whole Foods’ John Mackey on Amazon Merger

[VIDEO] Whole Foods Market moved onto a formerly vacant corner on 63rd/Halsted in late 2016. As you know it had been announced in late 2013 and took roughly three years to plan and build. People were concerned about "the dreaded G word" and the high prices and what not although lets not forget Englewood had been considered something of a food desert.

Anyway this helps justify sharing this video from Reason magazine. Nick Gillespie interviews Whole Foods founder and CEO John Mackey. He talks about last year's merger with Amazon and how it came about. He also notes how he went from a company founded by a bunch of hippies to becoming a company associated with yuppies.

Last year I noted briefly the merger between Amazon & Whole Foods with one major side-effect which is the lowering of prices for many items. For example the prices for rotisserie chicken were cut, so there's your dinner for the whole family if you will. Also say prices for some produce items such as bananas went down. Those are the only examples I can recall from last year, although only those of you who shop at Whole Foods regularly can say for certain whether or not you believe the merger as far as prices have proven to be a good thing.

BTW, I also want to note the events that go on at Whole Foods that occasionally shared on our ig page. Of course the Englewood store's long running 5 after 5 which is a wine tasting event were for only $5 you can often enjoy a wine sold at the store and an appetizer. This event normally starts at 5 PM on Fridays. If you to see a sample of what goes on at such an event then let's look at Bruce Montgomery who was a recent 5 after 5 earlier this month.

And of course I haven't found much on social media about these events, the Englewood store has hosted a Sunday Supper that often would include gospel music just as the 5 after 5 features a DJ. Of course another feature of this Sunday Supper is that the soul food buffet is 50% off with complimentary beverage service. Of course this event won't be held on Easter Sunday, however this event is scheduled to last through May 6th. Here's ig post from RAGE Englewood for the most recent one from last Sunday.
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Beyond that, let me know what you think about the above video. What is your feedback about the Englewood Whole Foods so far after being open for over a year? And of course the various events that occur at the store whether the ones posted above or any others that have been advertised?

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