Friday, March 23, 2018

Stanley Moore: The Reintroduction of Rope a Dope

Stanley Moore
Worlee Glover wrote this post on Wednesday over at Nextdoor. I realize this is probably what many frustrated voted don't want to hear. You can run for office or be an incumbent and subject yourself to events that may prove not to be favorable. So what commissioner Stanley Moore did was use respected politicians and avoided events that were unfavorable for him. As a result Moore is assured of another term as a county commissioner.

Worlee's words are below!

When Muhammad Ali body started to tell him that he couldn’t float like a butterfly anymore, he came up with a strategy of rope a dope. He would taunt his opponents and stand on the ropes and let them punch themselves out and once they were tired he would hit them with a barrage of punches. 

Yesterday, we saw this strategy get Stanley Moore a win in the Cook County Commissioner 4th District race. 

Moore knowing he had issues chose to sit on the ropes allow his opponents to throw punches,at him and each other,about the pop tax and his lack of accomplishments. Then Moore in the end punched back by showing up at selected events, bringing in help with respected politicians and using some slick advertising. Lastly, while his opponents focused on the southeast side wards of 7,8,9,10. He fought them off with taking the south suburbs with a parting gift from his cousin Donne Trotter getting the township committeemen to bring home the vote for Moore.

It wasn’t pretty but this is politics. Now the question is what are the constituents going to do?

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