Thursday, May 3, 2018

Morehouse Leadership Lecture Series involving Starbuck's executives

I know this is essentially outside of the scope of this blog, but hopefully this interests you.

In light of the recent controversy at Starbucks with two Black males being arrested at a location - they didn't yet order any thing and were waiting for a friend - Morehouse College is hosting a town hall. This will be between two of the head honchos of Starbucks that include Spelman College alum COO Rosalind Brewer and chairman Howard Schultz.

I'm sure that the issue of that controversy is will come up in this conversation. If you wish to join this town hall. Click on this eventbrite and watch the livestream at starting at 3:45 PM Eastern time on Tuesday, May 3, 2018.

BTW, I was perusing the Morehouse website and saw that Mayor Rahm Emanuel was down there to encourage students to consider living & working in Chicago. I was about to say if you're from Chicago and want to get away from Rahm, sorry he's looking for you. Although to be honest if Chicago is to become a better place we need the young men of Morehouse to give the Windy City a chance. We need their talents whatever they may be! Perhaps they can create a competitor to Starbucks! :P

Here's an ig post from Morehouse College on this event.

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