Saturday, August 4, 2018

Marathon Pundit: Pics from recent Chicago anti-violence march

Via John Ruberry
I'm sorry that I haven't devoted much coverage to this anti-violence march that took place on the north side on Thursday. I feel as if there was more coverage on this blog of the march that took place on the Dan Ryan Expressway last month with Father Michael Pfleger.

The pic above interests me was shot my the Marathon Pundit John Ruberry who was on scene in the Lakeview, Wrigleyville, Boystown neighborhoods of Chicago. The march started off on north Lake Shore Drive and eventually arrived in those areas.

Ruberry shares the caption:
911 is a joke? Really? Is this man a September 11 "truther?" Again, what does 9-11 have to do with Chicagoans slaughtering each other?

Or is this loon claiming that Chicago's emergency telephone number is a joke?

If this guy's home is broken into, will he call 911? Or will he dial the cell number of Tio Hardiman, one of the organizers of the protest?
I could turn this into an argument in favor of the 2nd amendment. It could be said a citizen has to handle their business until authorities arrive onto the scene. I feel this is a great counterpoint to a recent post here about the 2nd amendment.

In this same post I want to share artistmac's video of this march on the north side. Can't say much about it yet as I haven't watched it in full. I'm not surprised he went up there to record some of the festivities. Yes I know festivities isn't the best word for this. [VIDEO]

All the same what does Ruberry presents: "Pictures from the Chicago anti-violence march that you won't see in the mainstream media". What do you all think about that?

Do you feel that these anti-violence marches on the city's major roads will make an impact that will cause the city to take the issue of gun violence seriously.

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