Saturday, October 13, 2018

A blast from almost 10 years ago...

Legal Insurrection
A few years ago we got an email from the blogger at Legal Insurrection. It was during the time that I made several posts about what was going on with our then Gov. Rod Blagojevich in 2008-09. In December 2008, Blago was arrested by the FBI on the charge of attempting to auction off the former US Senate seat of then President-elect Barack Obama. In January 2009, Blago had been impeached and removed from office.

I had written a number of posts during the episode about Blago's arrest and impeachment during that time. Also some posts about potholes caught the eye of law professor William A. Jacobson. As you see in the post about his e-mail which I never actually published back then he wrote as a descriptor of this blog in a list of sites regarding that long ago scandal that it was obsessed with Blago and potholes. Heh.

Anyway 10 years later, he celebrates a decade of blogging and this blog celebrated a decade of blogging last year. Blago is actually serving a term in federal prison for his crimes that got him arrested while serving as governor in 2008. Prof. Jacobson as a blogger has seemingly become a right-wing blog over the years.

However, when he was following news about Blago it seemed that he was taking our former governor's side in that. If I recall he seemed to think the federal government was out to get Blago. I'm sure there are those who including myself who wonder how he came to that. Perhaps as I could reason today it was a genius move to play advocate for Blago. At that time did we need one more blog that would dump on him?

While I'm sure Legal Insurrection has gone on to bigger and better things or better yet other news of note over 10 years I would like to wish him another 10 years. As he tells his story of how he started blogging it was a dare from a friend he even wasn't political. Sorry to say part of him starting to blog involved his frustration with "Obamamania".

He was inspired to blog by a friend thanks to his ability to make very clear points. Almost a year before that this blog was inspired by many of the local neighborhood blogs that had existed just in time for the 2007 municipal elections in Chicago. And as Jacobson's blog presumably gears up for the 2018 midterms, I expect this blog will gear up for the 2019 municipal elections not only for Alderman, but for the open seat for Mayor of Chicago as well.

h/t Instapundit!

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