Saturday, October 6, 2018

Our Instagram nametag

We have a small badge that at one point in time was provided by ig only for it to no longer be available. We also have the ability to photoshop some of ig's brand resources and with them you could use those to promote - within reasonable guidelines of course - to promote your ig page(s).

Then ig finally unveiled their nametag where with your camera - through the ig app of course - you can scan the code and then you will be sent to that ig page. This is what we present to you below and expect the name tag to be seen in the sidebar in the near future.

BTW, some facts about our ig. Our account was first active according to ig on July 26, 2014 so we just celebrated our 4th anniversary officially on July 26, 2018. Most of our posts are regrams or even flyers about local events however occasionally you might see some original photographs. As I write this our page has over 800 followers and with our nametag it's easier to get more.

Feel free to let us know what you would like to see on our page. Also if you have any events you would like to share and have an ig ready deliverable to share tag us or email us at blog @ We would be happy to hear your suggestions or even about any event you would like for us to share.

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