Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Capitol Fax: Troy LaRaviere drops out of mayor’s race as Rep. La Shawn Ford gets in

Via Mayor's Office Fellowship Program
Well we have at least 18 candidates in the race, but no clear front runner although there are a few known names in the race. We already have one withdrawal and one entered the race over the weekend.

Troy LaRaviere, former CPS Principal who was removed from his position because of his political activities against Mayor Rahm Emanuel. We're still in the petition signature period and LaRaviere realized he's come up a bit short.

However as Rich Miller notes on his blog Tuesday, as LaRaviere withdraws from the mayor's race, we have La Shawn Ford who's currently a state representative who's throwing his hat into the race.
And I just want to contrast the difference of opinion between these two leaders as far as our disruptor President of the United States Donald J. Trump. You can look at Rich Miller's post to see what La Shawn Ford says about the relationship between outgoing Mayor Emanuel and the President. And You can watch this almost 9 min video state Rep. Ford says point blank that the Mayor should work with the President especially on the crime in the city. [VIDEO]
On the other hand we have LaRaviere who is quoted in the Sun-Times as saying about Trump and with a swipe at Kanye West
“I accepted the meeting so I could tell him face-to-face that I could not accept his support as long as he aligned himself with a singularly corrupt President who poisons our culture with divisive racist and sexist proclamations every other time he opens his mouth,” LaRaviere wrote.

LaRaviere said he told West’s staffers that, if West wanted to meet, he “needed to come to my space . . . Symbolically I could not move toward a Trump supporter; if he wanted to talk, he needed to move toward me.”

West’s camp, “must have sensed my reluctance because they eventually stopped reaching out for the meeting,” LaRaviere wrote.
“I could not associate my campaign or my name with a man who had aligned himself with a president as racist, as corrupt, and as dangerous as Donald Trump. To paraphrase Omar Little, a man has to have a code,” he wrote.
Well LaRaviere probably wouldn't have worked well with the President at all! We just won't know how that will work out now. 

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