Monday, February 18, 2019

Chicago GOP endorsements in #ChiMayor19

It's not often we hear about Chicago Republicans especially during a mayoral election however depending upon where you get your news they're making some endorsements in the mayoral race which is in the final weeks.

To start Chicago Young Republicans and the Northwest Side GOP organizations have formally endorsed candidate Willie Wilson. This is a release from the Chicago Young Republicans:
Today the Chicago Young Republicans are announcing a strong recommendation for all Chicago-based Republicans to vote for Dr. Willie Wilson for Chicago Mayor on Tuesday, February 26th, 2019. While there are no true Republican candidates in this Mayoral election, Dr. Wilson has the most values that align with our beliefs of free enterprise, limited taxes, school choice and funds to support our police.

In making this recommendation, Chicago Young Republican President Chris Myers said “Dr. Wilson is the best shot we have to inject some conservative principles into the Mayor’s office. He understands that keeping taxes low is the best thing to encourage business and has deep community relationships to work on that many challenges that face our city.”

Dr. Wilson is a self-made business man is who is pro-business, supports a property tax cap and supports school choice for our youth. To help solve violence in Chicago, Dr. Wilson would welcome a meeting with anyone from Congress or the President to get Federal funding to support our Police Department.
And today from Illinois Review the Chicago GOP endorses Paul Vallas:
According to a statement issued by the Chicago Republicans, Paul Vallas was supported by 16 committeemen, Willie Wilson by nine committeemen, Garry McCarthy by two, Jerry Joyce by one. Three committeemen declined to endorse.

Committeemen voting for Vallas cited his strong knowledge of city government, personal honesty, willingness to take on corruption, and ability to tackle difficult budget problems.

Committeemen voting for Wilson cited his compelling personal story, success in business, outsider status, and ability to appeal to a broad swath of the city.

Republicans currently get approximately 20% of the vote in the City of Chicago in any competitive statewide race. The Republican vote in a Chicago municipal election is untested, the group says, because it has been decades since a strong Republican candidate has run for mayor. This year, however, Republicans are likely to have a significant impact, the group says, because there are 14 candidates in the race, with no single candidate polling over 15%. Top candidates are separated by only a few points. Republican voters could single-handedly get a candidate into the runoff.

"Candidates for mayor need to listen to us," said Chris Cleveland, chairman of the Chicago GOP. "In any election in which there are multiple competitive Democrats, we decide which one wins."
I suppose now, is whether or not city Republicans truly have the small heft Chris Cleveland wants to claim!

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