Thursday, June 20, 2019

#tbt 87th & Langely street renaming

[VIDEO] In June 2015 I was present for a ceremony that renamed Langley Avenue east of the main branch of Seaway National Bank for it's late & former longtime chairman Jacoby Dickens. I recorded the unveiling of the sign revealing "Honorary Jacoby Dickens Way" which was a bit of a blooper when his widow Veranda Dickens attempted to pull off the cover for the sign and the string snapped. Presumably a bank employee pulled the cover off to the excitement of those who witnessed these festivities.

The event you see above occurred during the year of Seaway Bank's 50th anniversary. It was under the new chairwoman Veranda Dickens who decided to take over the bank not long after Jacoby Dickens had passed away. And some notable thoughts from this events.

Since his names seems to be in the news a lot as of late the former chairman of the city council Ed Burke was at this events and gave some remarks. Unfortunately I have footage, but somehow I have no audio of his remarks. I do recall, however, that once this event was over with he got into an unmarked car that he wasn't driving to leave.

Ms. Dickens remarked with regards to Seaway's location. I do recall she says she doesn't mind the sounds of sirens as an vehicle (presumably an ambulance) did pass by during the program that occurred before unveiling the street sign. Her then President and CEO was also there and made his remarks regarding this occasion unfortunately by the fall he would leave his position.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel wasn't present for this and instead sent someone from his office a deputy mayor to give remarks. I'm searching through my archives to see if I have any footage of this surrogate from the mayor's office at that time.

As you see above Ald Sawyer was there, the bank is in his ward at the time. I don't recall if he himself gave any remarks and I'm looking for any footage if had given any remarks.

Finally, I have to conclude with Seaway failing in January 2017. Currently the bank is now under the ownership of Self Help FCU. It's sad when you consider this event that honored the long-time chairman and owner of Seaway National Bank.

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