Friday, June 7, 2019

The old Gately's store, ruined... #Ward09

[VIDEO] I've never known the Gately's store. By the time I became aware of the landmark that sits no more than two blocks south of 111th & Michigan it was divided up among so many smaller stores. I don't recall ever shopping in those smaller storefronts.

However, what I do know about Gately's and the rest of the shopping district along South Michigan Avenue between roughly 107th & 115th Streets was that it was a very vibrant shopping district. Perhaps it wasn't as profitable as 63rd & Halsted was back in the day, however, there are many who live in years past who remember the vibrancy of Roseland's retail district.

I heard through twitter from Pete Kastanes who posts on FB, IG, and twitter about long gone Chicago businesses once lived in Roseland and remembers Gately's People's Store. He started a blog with one of his first posts about the old store.

He was the one who noted that this landmark was on fire on twitter and was increasingly sad about it. Then I later saw the above video from CBS 2 about it and the fire has proven to be devastating.
This business was a landmark to me thanks to the Gately's sign. The business itself was long gone, but whoever owned that property never removed the sign. I will show the property in much different times below

I saw Kastanes tweets and then found various reports Kastanes was said to have been mentioned on the news today. His postings on long gone Chicago business have become popular and garnered some media attention in recent years.

I even found a tweet from the PR twitter of the Chicago Fire Department. It was shown from the photos that they were fighting a serious blaze at Gately's earlier this morning.

Now the next steps is what's next for the property once it's demolished. Since Pullman in recent years has been getting some attention perhaps it's time for Roseland and it's Michigan Avenue retail strip to get some attention also.

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